Sunday, February 15, 2009

valentine's day 2009

We had a pretty good day yesterday, considering E wasn't feeling too well. She received a windfall of Disney videos from someone the day before, so woke up to the excitement of watching Sleeping Beauty while eating a frozen blueberry waffle. Before we could do that though, she threw up. She learned the word "vomit".

David got up relatively early and made me pancakes, one with a heart on it that I failed to notice. We all looked at our valentines. E loved her stickers, Grandma Mickey!

My phone rang much more than usual yesterday and I caught up with a few friends. E sat quietly on my lap for a full hour, waiting for me to get off the phone (another sign she wasn't feeling 100%!) Then I ran errands with the entire rest of the world and E had "rest time" in her carseat. We didn't finish the errands because she said, "the inside of my mouth hurts and that means vomit is going to come out of my mouth!" Then she just kept moaning, "Mommeeeeee...! Mommeeeeee...!" We got home just in time. She fell asleep after that, for a real good nap. My parents came to visit and we went to Wendy's for dinner after E woke up. E had recovered and enjoyed a chocolate milkshake.

This morning she seems better, but didn't have her usual appetite.


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