Monday, December 20, 2010

battleship trip

Here's a few of the pictures David took when he and E went to see the battleship yesterday. David was doing research for his next painting, of the Kingfisher plane you see in one of these pics.

E's wearing her pink "ear protectors" in case they shoot the guns. She asked me the night before (when she was excited about going to see the real ship that Daddy's building a model of), "Why do they shoot guns?" I gave some uncomfortable, over-simplified answer about war and soldiers (yes, I know, they're sailors actually) having to shoot "bad people" in war. E said, emotionally, "But what if a bad person is my friend???" Good question, I said.

My answer indicated I believe in trying to get people who do bad things to learn to do good things. E felt better when she decided that "The polices will take the bad people to jail and teach them how to be good." If only our system worked as it's supposed to... (sigh).

When the morning of the trip dawned, E was nervous and said she's "not used to going places I've never been before". She asked me if other kids would be there, and said she was too shy to go. She wanted to stay home with me. But we persisted, and David said the beach was near there, which changed her attitude completely. They didn't make it to the beach but she did have a great time after all. Has been talking about it a lot. Showed everyone at her preschool a postcard of the "ginormous" ship.


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