Wednesday, January 18, 2012

E school work

Honestly, I did rotate this photo when I saved it, but not sure what happened. Maybe I'll fix it later. Anyway, what made me burst with pride today was finding out that this delightful piece of paper was not dictated nor sentences copied from the board, but all sentences that E made up and wrote on her own. She sounded out and spelled the words, applied punctuation, and illustrated them. The teacher told me this morning that it's "awesome". I've seen some of these sheets (much duller ones) and thought they were all copied from the board. I noticed spelling errors in this one (because I'm learning Spanish too!) and that E was more excited than usual to show it to me, so I asked where these sentences came from. The teacher smiled and tapped the side of her head.

Translation: Today it is my mommy's happy birthday. Today it is Merry Christmas. Today it is my happy birthday!

You can tell which picture is her and which is me, I'm sure. The smaller person gets the bigger cake. But we're both wearing high heels.


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