Tuesday, November 06, 2007

sleeping through the night

E sleeps through the night, but I don't. I was undisciplined about caffeine yesterday, and though I fell asleep okay around 10 pm, when I heard her talk in her sleep at 4:12 I couldn't go back to sleep. She called out, "No, Mommy Mommy" and of course I had a little adrenaline surge, but before I could get out of bed she was quiet again. So for the last hour I've been making a long to-do list and reading about picky eaters and toilet training on babycenter.com. I can see my free time eroding even more over the next year!

Last night we went out to eat and there was a baby who stared at E the whole time. She watched him too, and said with her little concerned eyebrows look as she clutched her basket of fries: "MINE! Baby... take it?!" There's a certain inflection she has that I don't know how to describe in writing. It's kind of an alarmed whine. She says it every morning on the way to the sitter's: "Banket... Victor... take it?!" My friend who babysat Friday night with her 1 year old said that after she put E to bed, after she was quiet for about 15 minutes, her toddler dropped a toy in the kitchen and made a loud noise. They heard E's sleepy voice call out from the back of the house, "MINE!"


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