Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Highest number E can think of: "twenty twelve one hundred"

Eating corn on the cob: "When I'm as old as Grandpa Bud, can I put a pointy thing on this end of the corn and a pointy thing on this end of the corn and hold it with the two pointy things and eat my corn like that?"

The other day in the car she held up two hands and said out of the blue, "Two fives make ten!"

When I go to pick her up at preschool she hides stretched out on the shelf of a bookcase or inside a toy box with blankets and stuffed animals.

Today she said her class played football but she couldn't kick it. "All the other kids could do it, but I couldn't."

E likes to call herself my "wedding baby" now. She insists she was in my tummy at our wedding, and pretty much for all existence before her birth. In a way she's right. I finally told her that she was inside both our bodies. More questions coming soon, I'm sure!


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