Thursday, June 22, 2006

action shot

This is David's favorite picture from a bunch he took last Tuesday 13th (so, age 7 months). He's getting a new camera today and keeping Emma, so I'm hoping there will be lots of new photos as he tries out the camera.

Last night we saw E pull up for the first time. I took pictures with my film camera, but you know the drill there. We don't have much around here that's easy for her to pull up on. If it's the right height, there's nothing to grab hold of (e.g. an ottoman), and if there's something to hold on to, it's too easy to turn over (e.g. a laundry basket). So E pulled up on a very low footstool (that came from my grandparents' house) and when she reached "standing" she was bending over because it was too short. But the success was in holding on while getting her legs under her and straightening them. Like always, she was delighted with herself!

She had her first bruise this week too. Neither the sitter or I know what caused it, but it's not bad. On her forehead. Another will surely develop soon because she bonked her head on the kitchen floor yesterday and it really made her cry. The sitter says she falls over a lot at her house (hardwood floors), when she tries to combine crawling and walking. The first of many bumps and bruises. She's crawling fast now, too. Be alert, mom & dad!


At 10:19 AM, Blogger Momme said...

Can wait to see E in action!


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