Friday, December 21, 2007

gamaw's house

E's been wanting to go to Gamaw's house, "not Emma's house". No bookstore, no car, no home, "no go dis way" (she's criticizing my driving now!). She likes to finish my sentence when I say, "Next we're going to..." and she chimes in hopefully with grandma's house or Victor's house. The above picture was taken last Monday when Grandma came to visit for a day.

Our vacation at home has been really nice. It's going too fast though (surprise!). David and I have seen a movie every day, and will have one more tomorrow. The movies are...

I Am Legend (exciting, suspenseful)
No Country for Old Men (excellent subtle acting, realist, NOT an uplifting story)
Bee Movie (with E) (cute, funny moments)
Lars and the Real Girl (funny and poignant, heartwarming and NOT realist, great acting)
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (very depressing, good for an ethics class maybe)
Sweeney Todd (fantastic music and sad dramatic story, but way too much blood)
Charlie Wilson's War (will see tomorrow)

E is getting tired of the babysitters, I think. She was extra clingy to me the last 2 days. Tomorrow we'll have more quality time, like we had this morning. Then we'll go to Grandma's and Grandpa's house. She can almost say "Christmas" now. It no longer starts with a "b". Today's version is kind of like "krissuss". She's been sleeping late and that's the best part of this vacation - lying in and dozing while listening to her talk to herself then fall back asleep for a while.


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