Thursday, December 18, 2008

little updates

I got a new office because somebody else was being moved into mine! So, no promotion, not much excitement. But in the old office I only had a window onto an empty hallway, and now in my double wide cubicle I have a window to the actual outside world. And I actually have more space. It's nice to have a change, but sometimes when I'm sleepy I really miss my door....

E is learning to button buttons and very proud of that. She knows her left and right. She's pretty clearly right-handed. She's loving seeing Christmas lights up everywhere, more each day, and keeps bugging me about "where are our Christmas lights". I'm determined to get the tree up this weekend!

David is borrowing a friend's studio space to paint something, and we visited recently. E got to create her own artwork and she was just thrilled. "Mommy, it okay if I paint too? I wuv painting!"


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