Sunday, May 17, 2009

the dance show

E had her first dance recital today. Her "creative movement" class was one of I think 5 classes in the show, and they were next to last. After one or two classes went, it was hard for E to wait for their turn, especially without her best friend/crutch. While her teacher was introducing the next number for another class, E walked up confidently and told her, loudly, "I think I left my purple blankie in the other room." The audience laughed. Miss Stephanie sweetly sent her back to her seat and from there she started to pout and grumble so I went over and sat on the floor behind her. I don't know how to describe her antics in the rest of the show, but she made some people near me laugh a lot. One thing was she kept trying to give me hugs and kisses every time she passed by. Then she got upset once that the class didn't wait for her to finish hugging me before they went on to the next thing.

I'm not thrilled with my photos. Hope David got some better ones. When will I learn to stop worrying about "capturing" the moment and just "enjoy" the moment???


At 6:11 PM, Blogger kimgwest said...

These are GREAT photos Sarah! I'm glad you've added a post or two lately. It is really hard to keep up with a blog. You have my admiration for doing it so well for such a long time! Love you! Kim


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