Monday, March 30, 2009


This photo is a pretty picture made by necklaces spilled onto the floor. E said it's an umbrella. (I wish she still said "rainbrella". She does still say "mushbrow" for mustache.) For several days straight she played with these necklaces, twisting them around her arms and body in various patterns, calling for me to look: "Mommy, I'm all decorated!"

Yesterday while I was in the shower she "decorated" her face, hands, and arms with magic marker.

Tonight we ate at Pizza Hut and she did her exercises beside our table. She is about 2 inches from doing the full splits. Very conscientious little exerciser. Still loves to dance and talk nonsense. I got her a full length mirror. She tells strangers who don't care how good she is at whatever she's doing at the moment, and refuses to speak to people who are crazy about her. Comments on people's activities and appearances (e.g. "That man has big lips!" or "Mommy is that a man?"). Is now hooked on play dates, always asking to go to someone's house or have them come here.


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