Tuesday, March 10, 2009

last week

a pic from the park last week, you can see where the sidewalk scraped her nose

Today I'm writing a cover letter to apply for a job and drafting a presentation I will give at the end of the month (the content of it is related to my prior job). I have three appointments for various things. So fitting those two projects in between the appointments will make it a full day. Yet the to-do list grows and grows. I'm spending one extra day per week with E so far. I'm getting enough sleep on average, and I've read a book and 3 magazines, so those are the signs I don't have a job anymore. It doesn't feel like loads of free time, but I'm trying to make the most of it.

E's cold is practically gone, just a little cough and stuffiness. We had one night (Saturday) when coughing fits kept her up most of the night, sleeping maybe 30 minutes at a time, at most. Finally got 2 or 3 solid hours when I moved her to the couch and arranged us so that she was sleeping semi-reclined, propped up on me. David came home from his train trip around suppertime Sunday, took us to Old MacDonalds for dinner, and left again Monday morning for Fayetteville.


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