Saturday, April 03, 2010

quiet house

E was lazy and tired pretty much all day, but wound herself up somehow around dark and didn't fall asleep til after 10 pm. She spent at least 2 hours in her bed arranging quilts, paging through books, and watching the neighbor's dog out of her window. She asked for ice cream and I gave her ice, and a frozen waffle.

She hasn't talked about it much, but I wonder if she's excited about the Easter Bunny coming tomorrow. All Easters before this, that she can remember, were spent with Victor and Marie, I think. Marie and I both have been pretty stressed and didn't manage to make any plans this time. I agreed to keep the church nursery tomorrow all morning, so that another person could travel to visit her son on Easter.

Her breathing is already so quiet I have to go stand over her to hear it! Believe me, that's a big change.


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