Monday, June 07, 2010

E's short story

When I was sitting on E's bed tonight massaging her legs to help her relax, she told me to watch out for the Angry Ugger under her bed. I asked her lots of questions and she denied that anyone else had told her about such a creature - a boy monster, apparently, who is invisible and will bite our feet from under the bed. She said she just knew about it all by herself. I remember being terrified at age 5, and for years after, because a girl named Sheila Honeycutt told me that demons live under our beds and will get us if an arm or leg hangs over the side. After I merrily defied the Angry Ugger warnings several times, saying if it tried to bite me I would just kick it, E told me that it wasn't true, it was just a "bad short story" that she made up.


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too cute


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