Friday, January 14, 2011

Peter Pan

E is really worried about going to kindergarten this August. First, she thought kids went there and never came back home (because she didn't see them ever come back to the daycare). Then she learned they don't have naptimes, and that might have been okay except they don't allow loveys!!! Or thumb-sucking. Or fuzz, probably. And you have to do work, lots of work!! A girl we know apparently told E it's a lot of chores and homework and she hates it. Another friend only likes recess, or was it lunch? The teachers at preschool keep trying to teach responsibility saying things like "this is how you'll have to do things at big school", and all of this is stressing E out. Even more of her play is about being cute little babies (and kittens) and she keeps asking me to do things she can do perfectly well herself. She's gotten more shy and clingy to me over the last few months (may be other reasons included in that, though). The other night she said she wants to still live here when she's a mom. She was worried about that too, about having to leave home when she grows up.

So a word to all of you, until we figure out how to deal with this, please don't talk to E about kindergarten! We tend to assume that going to big school is an exciting thing for them, but not for this one. She loves her life now and doesn't want to grow up.


At 8:31 AM, Blogger Marie said...

We understand for sure and won't mention anything :)

At 9:25 AM, Blogger Lynn said...

I won't say anything to E about kindergarten if she won't say anything to me about school, practicum hours, etc. I'm with her...this grownup stuff is far too stressful.


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