Monday, June 27, 2011

boat trip

E and I got to spend the afternoon on the lake yesterday with my friend Marie and her family. I didn't get many pictures but couldn't resist this shot:

A fancy house on the lake:

The power plant that uses this lake and makes parts of it as warm as a bath:

What I didn't get pictures of includes swimming, some of the others jumping off a rope swing, and any good photos of the rest of the people with us. I was in the water whenever E was, even though she's amazingly self-sufficient in her little life vest. I wasn't crazy about the hot water, but in one area near the rope swing it was nice and cool and I loved that.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

first wedding part 2

Blogger won't let me upload but so many photos to a single post. Here's more from the wedding, including the "after" shots in the mini-van on the way home.

E's first wedding

These pictures are kind of in reverse order, and this is all from back on April 2nd, 2011. My cousin got married and it was the first wedding E got to attend; she was very excited. There was standing room only at the church, more or less, and I held her over at the side of the balcony so she could see. She was quiet and extremely attentive, and said "seeing the bride" was the best part. The part she talked about most afterward, however, was the younger flower girl, age 2, who was "so cute!" when she walked down the aisle and played with the flower petals. And then there was the dancing - none of the girls could get enough time on the dance floor! It was hard to get a good picture but these are the best. The couple E is watching is the groom and his mom.