Friday, August 28, 2009

2 cute things tonight

1) E nursing her tiny cup of bubble-gum tylenol like a glass of scotch
2) She said I'm her "best soft thing"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

some summer pics

first time in the new seat on Daddy's bike, sometime this month
finger-painting, also in August Last night E recreated this kind of picture and I said it looked like a pile of spaghetti. She said, "No, it's thorns!" Remembering Sleeping Beauty I said, "Oh, is Prince Phillip stuck in there?" She said yes but he had his sword and shield and she could see his hand. She spent some time talking about him and changing his thorn landscape in different ways.

"walking the duck" sometime in July
trying the climbing wall at the park, from June

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

cleaning up

Cleaning out a photo file on my computer (which I can use again, for now), found the last 2 pictures I meant to put up from E's dance recital in May. The dancers got flowers afterward. E was delighted.

She's all recovered from the antibiotic allergic reaction. She's now considered allergic to penicillin and all its relations. She's going to her preschool full time since the end of July, no longer dividing the time with her home-based sitter who lives near my old job. By Thursday she's tired of going to preschool but once she gets there it's all right. She's learning a LOT.

I bought a Macbook this past (tax-free) weekend and will slowly be transferring to that and replacing my hand-me-down pc. I probably should have saved the money but I felt I deserved something to show for all that contract work I made myself crazy with this summer!