Monday, October 31, 2011

good picture

I was surprised this turned out so well - I stuck the camera down without looking and snapped it.

halloween event at my work

E is a bride this year. She's been planning the costume since Christmas last year. Luckily she has a new hand me down sweater that was deemed appropriate for a bride to wear, because it was cold out. On the way to and home from Trunk or Treat at my workplace, she asked me several times, "Do I look like a real bride?"

Friday, October 28, 2011

alligator head

David's friend Dave gave E this real alligator head. She took it to school for Show & Tell yesterday. I thought she might have had some memorable reactions from kids or teachers, but no, she remembers nothing about it. No stories to tell. Rarely get those anyway.

Friday, October 14, 2011

story themes

E always, always wants me to tell her a story - especially when she's upset in some way. Lately all her story requests are for Scooby Doo "not listening". She guides the stories a lot. There's a certain character taking on a clearer role lately. The Scooby Doo gang has long been accompanied by "Baby Emma". While I think she used to be half mermaid/half fairy when she first appeared, she is now consistently a tiny, very articulate baby who speaks in a squeaky voice and drives a tiny car. She is kind of like a Conscience for Scooby Doo, telling on him when he does bad things and always enforcing rules. She's also a brilliant problem-solver who pops up out of nowhere and offers just the right insight -- or some clever invention -- at just the right time. I picture her car as a pink VW bug.

kindergarten report

E got a good report from the kindergarten teacher. Said she's extremely intelligent and very aware of everything going on around her, wants to ensure everyone is following the rules. Pays attention to everything the teacher says and does, and is soaking up Spanish like a sponge. She seems to get along well and have good friends. Some days when we walk down the hall into school, E stops 2 or 3 times for hugs from friends. She only has a little work to do on certain social skills, like being willing/able to walk into a room of people. Some days it's really hard to let go of my hand and go into her classroom.