Tuesday, November 25, 2008

for all you Victor fans

Kaught Kontemplating the Krispy Kreme

playing dress-up

E got some fancy princess dresses for her birthday.

Dancing in the Cinderella dress from Daddy

Playing horsie in the purple princess dress from friend Felecia

E's own hairstyle!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sarah is...

... getting hooked on Facebook. Sorry for my long silences! Life is pretty good I guess. Work is kind of intense right now. E is astounding me with how rapidly her imagination expands. She has me making up stories now, and I love how I can be saying the most inane thing and she still stares at me with her mouth hanging open. When I finish, she stares for a second longer while she processes it and then breaks into a grin and demands another story about another princess.

A few other things she and I did together today: baked sweet potatoes, made macaroni and cheese, washed dishes, put together a puzzle, placed a dozen stickers, hid under blankets, funny-walked, and cleaned juice off the floor.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

birthday cake

E wanted a strawberry cake. She helped me mix it up, and she iced most of it herself. She placed the candles and her cousin MC helped her put on sprinkles and strawberries.

E was so excited about making this cake that she kept saying, "Thank you, Mom!" (yes, she calls me Mom now)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I have a following!

Hey, wow, I have one public follower of my blog -- thanks, Jessica! I've been noticing the Follow This Blog feature on my blog but hadn't got around to using it. Nice way to check on all your blogs, especially those whose authors no longer write daily. I really want to get back to more frequent posts. Feel free to chide and remind me....

E had a great birthday yesterday. She didn't want to be 3 though; she wanted to stay "two and a half". We told her if she didn't turn three she couldn't have cake and presents, and she resigned herself to the change. I'll post pictures and write more about it soon.

Okay, back to work now.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

birthday presents

My birthday was Wednesday and I got a present I'm pretty happy with. I hate that everyone can't be happy with the same things, but as my Uncle Calvin would say, "We don't have to see eye to eye to walk side by side". I worked at the polls in my precinct (paid work, not campaigning) and was thrilled to help lots of people vote for the first time -- of all ages. People were proud and happy, wore their "I voted" stickers with pride. I hope Americans have woken up a bit this year and will continue to vote and be vocal, participate in democracy.

When I told E I was going to help more people vote on Election Day she got offended, she said, "no, WE voted Barack Obama!" in a tone that meant she didn't want other people to vote for him too. Guess she thought we were pretty well in there with Barack, being the only people who voted for him....

David took her to pick out a gift for me, and she said she wanted to give me "strawberries". So I got a set of plastic fruit as my first present. I dressed E in a groovy outfit that I would have worn if I could, and took a bunch of pictures.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

weekend so far

E's first trick or treating: We went to Victor's neighborhood so I could hang out with Marie. David was off winning a contest at the beach.
approaching the first house

E was Dorothy before she got the ruby slippers, and with a coat on over her costume. Victor was a garbageman.

E is posing (arm out, one toe pointed), saying "I'm Dorothy!" (No one understood her - sounded more like "dolphy".)

A trip to the zoo on Saturday with cousin J.